Welcome to this online exploration into the person of Jesus Christ. We are very grateful to Vince Murray for saying ‘yes’ to putting these reflections online.  We hope there will be a day soon when we can invite him and you all to Galilee to discuss this material in person, and over tea!

Possibly the most famous and most analysed person in history, there are still many perspectives on the nature, purpose and character of Jesus.  In these four sessions Vince will explore four different views from four theologians. He has provided some material for you to read before and after watching each video.

At the end of May we will have a Zoom discussion about the course.  If you would be interested in taking part please drop us a line at info@galilee.ie and we will send you the link.  It doesn’t matter if you have never used Zoom before. It is very simple and we will help you out!

To begin:

Who is Jesus? Opportunities for Reflection

Before Watching the Four Videos

Jesus asked his followers the question, “Who do you say that I am?”  (Luke 9:20)

These four video presentations will facilitate you in coming to your own personal response to this question by exploring the ideas of four contemporary Christian thinkers/theologians. These, in their different ways, seek to relate the life and teachings of Jesus within his specific historical context to the spiritual journeys of Christians today. Through their scholarship and personal commitments they each make unique contributions to a deeper, wider, more life-giving yet challenging understanding of what Jesus taught and its relevance for our personal way of being in the world.

These presentations will facilitate you to engage personally with the insights of these four contemporary Christian thinkers/theologians and deepen your personal understanding of and response to their contributions to our understanding of Jesus.

There are some reflective questions for you to consider before and after watching each video.  There are also some final questions to help you become more aware of what you have received from watching the whole series of four videos. In no way are these intended to be any form of examination or test. Rather, they are an opportunity for you to arrive at your own personal response to the question, “Who is Jesus?”