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Who is Jesus? Who do people say that I am? An Online Exploration with Vince Murray

VENUE: Galilee Spirituality Centre Website

DATE: Beginning April 2020

COST: Free

MAP LINK: https://www.galilee.ie/who-is-jesus/

Who Is Jesus? : Who do you say that I am?
An online exploration with Vince Murray.

These four sessions will help participants to come to their own response to this question by exploring the ideas of some contemporary Christian thinkers, including Jose Pagola, Peter McVerry, Daniel O’Leary and Cynthia Bourgeault. These theologians, in their different ways, relate the life and teaching of Jesus to the spiritual journey of Christians today.


Each session will consist of a video presentation with some guiding questions for your own exploration. There will also be some additional reading material for those who would like to look into things more deeply.

Vince Murray is the retired Director of Religious Education at St Angela’s College, Sligo.  He has journeyed a deepening and widening spiritual path and has in recent years increased in awareness of the presence of God in all human experience. He hopes that this course will awaken in participants an awareness of Jesus’ message of the divine beauty within us all.


View the presentation here