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‘That your Love may Overflow’ (Phil 1): Exploring Acts and the Letters of St Paul

At various times in the Church’s year we hear readings from the Acts of the Apostles and the letters of St Paul. How can we understand these and relate them to our own lives? In these four short videos our presenters will give an introduction to these scriptures which will help us make sense of the world of the early Church and how these readings can speak to us today. Access this series in your own time on our ‘online programmes’ page, from September 15th.

(i)         The Acts of the Apostles: a community of faith. Philomena Clare.

(ii)        What Acts tells us about the women of the early Church.  Marian Mortell

(iii)       Paul: Considering the man and his message. Dympna Mallon

(iv)       Philippians: Paul’s Joyful Letter. Dr Jessie Rogers

Our Presenters

Philomena Clare. Philomena is a native of Co Meath and has been a secondary RE teacher in Ireland and New Zealand. She is passionate about Scripture, spirituality, children and the environment. Philomena holds an M Theol from the University of Auckland, and is currently a Doctoral student at. St Patrick’s Drumcondra in the area of Religious Education


Marian Mortell.  As a founder member of Cork Scripture Group Marian’s main interest is pastoral scripture and the promotion of the study and use of scripture in the Christian community. Marian holds an MA in Theological Studies including her dissertation: The women still shine through’ A study of Luke’s ambivalent attitude to women in the Acts of the Apostles.  She is currently completing her PhD research on the women in Luke’s Gospel.


Dympna Mallon. Dympna is a PhD student at St Patricks College Maynooth, with a broad experience in pastoral work. Her Master’s Degree examined Laudato Si’ and the potential of integral ecology as a tool for renewal in the Church. She is passionate about empowering people in the uniqueness of their giftedness and ownership of their faith, as well as the vital role of every person in caring for creation.”




Jessie Rogers. Dr Jessie Rogers teaches Sacred Scripture at St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, and is a Godly Play trainer. She is passionate about helping individuals and groups discover in the Bible a life-giving word for everyday life.