Thought for Today

First light from Galilee

A Reflection from Jan Richardson:

A blessing begins here:
Is there any other word needs saying,
any other blessing could compare with this name, this knowing?
Comes like a mercy to the ear that has never heard it.
Comes like a river to the body that has never seen such grace.
Comes holy to the heart aching to be new.
Comes healing to the soul wanting to begin again.
Keep saying it and though it may sound strange at first,
watch how it becomes part of you,how it becomes you,
as if you never could have known yourself anything else,
as if you could ever have been other than this:
As if we could call you anything other than
Beloved and Blessed
drenched as we are in our love for you
washed as we are by our delight in you
born anew as we are by the grace that flows
from the heart of the one who bore you to us.