Thought for Today

“I want to explore how the Earth made us. The water in your body once flowed down the Nile, fell as monsoon rain onto India, and swirled around the Pacific. The carbon in the organic molecules of your cells was mined from the atmosphere by the plants that we eat. The salt in your sweat and tears, the calcium of your bones, and iron in your blood all eroded out of the rocks of Earth’s crust; and the sulphur of the protein molecules in your hair and muscles was spewed out by volcanoes. The Earth has also provided us with the raw materials we have extracted, refined and assembled into our tools and technologies, from the roughly fashioned hand-axes of the Stone Age, to today’s computers and smart phones. These planetary influences drove our evolution in East Africa as an uniquely intelligent, communicative, and resourceful kind of creature.”        Lewis Dartnell (2019).