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Corpus Christi 2020

Why do we come back, again and again to receive Jesus in the Eucharist?

Even when we are distracted, disenchanted, hopeless or unworthy;

even when we are disappointed by Church, and let down by those around us;

even when, like the crowds around Jesus, the Christian journey seems too much for us and we want to walk away?

We are drawn still, called again by our deepest hunger,

by the voice inside which says ‘to whom Lord would we go?’

On this feast of the Body of Christ we do not gather around the altar,

but all the more around the mystery of faith, really present in our lives.

We celebrate the presence of Jesus at the centre of the world:

that there is no darkness too powerful for his light,

that there is no division too deep for his healing,

that there is no turmoil, grief or anguish too great for his peace;

that there is no hatred stronger than his love.

At a time of upheaval, and when the future is uncertain,

the feast of Corpus Christi is a beacon

for all of us who hunger for hope and wholeness,

and a shared future.

It is the message

that all can be transformed,

all can be healed,

all can be made one in love and equality –

re-created in the One who lies broken and shared among us.

It is the message that we are the Body of Christ.

Lord Jesus,

We believe in you, present within and among us,

in the earth and all its people.

We hope in you: you transform us into a true community of love.

We thank you: you nourish us and send us out with healed hearts,

empowered by your Spirit

to bring new life into the world.