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VENUE: Galilee Spirituality Centre

DATE: Tuesday 4th February

COST: €20 (waged)


How can we be active in the current climate crisis, and keep hope alive for ourselves and others?

We have been told to panic by the climate scientists (IPCC) and activists like Greta Thunberg.

To panic and then to act as though our house was on fire.

However, there is a missing link between panic and action. We must feel. When we feel we connect with our own humanity and we release the stuckness of fear and grief for what is happening all around us. When we can release stuck feelings with others that offer support, listening and trust then we can generate meaningful ideas for action that are appropriate to our own life.

If you are longing for belonging, for connection, for a space to safely be present with the beauty and tragedy unfolding around us, then please consider coming to this workshop, hosted by Galilee community with Kathryn Mc Cabe.

We know how bad things are, we know that society needs to change, that we personally need to be able to look the next generations in the eye and say we did what we could. We did more than we thought we were capable of and we did our best.

The time for ‘leaders’ that act on our behalf has passed. The time to step into meaningful community action is now.

How do we engage in community based collective action without falling into the old ways of competition, judgement and exclusion?

I believe we already know how to do that, but that we need new ways of relating that remind us what we know. We know what it’s like to be in love with the world. We know what its like to care deeply and to want to make a difference.

We will be reminded that we are resilient, creative and capable of collaboration and inspired action.

You are invited to an evening workshop which will explore our inner resources for resilience and connection to other people and our world, through a series of gentle activities drawing on Joanna Macy’s practice (The Work that Reconnects) and Kathryn Mc Cabe’s MA in Social Ecology. No religious or spiritual belief system is required and all are welcome.

Kathryn Mc Cabe MA is a social ecologist, professional facilitator and leadership development specialist. She studied Science and Applied Physics at Maynooth University, and Social Ecology in Australia which encouraged her to develop understandings of systems and led her to design strategies to help people engage with change and transformation. She lectured at the University of Western Sydney, has worked internationally guiding NGOs and large multinationals towards sustainability and well-being. She is a published author in Social Ecology; Applying Ecological Thinking to Our Lives and Our Work.

Tuesday February 4th, 6.30-9.30pm. Galilee Spirituality Centre. Bookings and enquiries info@galilee.ie 071-966-4101