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April/May 2018


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Neighbours and all interested passers by are
welcome to join us for:
Morning Prayer. (9:15 - 9.40) am - Mon-Fri
Evening Prayer. (6pm) Tues, Wed & Fri
Mindfulness Centered Meditation (7-7.45) Mondays

(Except Bank Holidays)

Finding peace in a busy and hectic world,  this could be a definition of Meditation.  Who of us would not like to do something to be more calm, less judgmental and more positive in our thoughts and attitude.It can be a help to turn off some of the programmes  running in our mind.  Something similar to the computer that  gets slower and slower the more programmes that are running.  It can actually freeze!  So too can the human brain if there are too many thoughts running simultaneously.

Meditation is a way to live more mindfully and a way of finding greater happiness, becoming less anxious and more energized. It teaches us the skills to help us focus on one thing at a time.  It helps us to pray by bringing us to stillness where we can listen to our God.


“Reflection on the Word of God in our Challenging Times”

Welcome any Thursday or every Thursday.

Cuppa at 7:30pm

Input/ Reflection 8:9pm

Prayer 9:00 – 9:20

Welcome for all or part of the evening.




27th April
25th May



9-10 PM

(Last Friday of every Month)

Watch Posters and Website for new events & dates


We would like to remind people that Galilee is a place where we provide hospitality and welcome to all who feel the need to get a break. The house and surroundings are conducive to rest, relaxation, a place of prayer and peace. You may just want to chill or find a listening ear. Come to enjoy the Chapel, the garden, lake and walks. Times of daily prayer given in the website and are open to the public.



Retreat in Daily Life

This retreat is an opportunity for a person to be guided in scripture reflection and prayer over four days or over a four week period. The retreat is beneficial to those who are not familiar with the Bible.
This may be done while continuing your daily routine. It is also possible to come and stay in Galilee when making the retreat over four days.




is open from 9:15am to 7:00pm each day and people are welcome to spend time in the chapel, library or in the garden.  You are also welcome to join us in prayer at 9:15am, or evening prayer at 6pm on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.  
Monday evening - Meditation from 7:30pm - 8:00pm, Thursday evening 9:00pm.

MORNING PRAYER (Mon - Friday) at 9:15am. This is open to the Public.

EVENING PRAYER Tues, Wed, Friday at 6pm

GUIDED MEDITATION each Monday evening at 7:30pm-8:00pm
(Those wishing to make the hour of meditation are welcome to stay on.

THURSDAYS AT GALILEE - All are welcome to join us for a cuppa a scone and a chat at 7:30. At 8pm we gather around an open fire to study the scripture and search it for meaning in light of our day to day living.

RETREATS -Individuals or groups interested in a few hours or a full day of retreat should phone 0719664101 or email galilee2000@eircom.net to make arrangements.

Dates of Advent, Lent and Pentecost RETREATS will be announced later.

BE THE CHANGE SYMPOSIUM will be offered in March. Those who are interested in attending the Symposium please phone to book a place.


OVERNIGHT STAY can be arranged by telephone.


You are invited to 'drop in' to the
Sacred Space
on this website for a moments reflection.

Please click here to enter




Happenings at Galilee

If there is nothing to interest you in our 'Happenings' maybe you would like to have something tailor-made for you or your group, please feel free to ring up and discuss the options.
071 - 9664101


    Prayer Times

    Morning Prayer
    9.15 a.m.

    Evening Prayer
    Monday 7.30
    Tues, Wed & Fri 6.00 p.m.
    Thursday 9.00 p.m.




Poustinia (desert space) A recent addition to the Galilee experience is our outdoor Poustinia – a Sacred Space in the garden. Available on request

Retreat in Daily Life

This is an opportunity for people to receive guidance in scripture and prayer over a four day/four week period. The programme is available for people who are not familiar with the Bible as well as for those who are.

People who make this retreat find it a non-threatening and positive, experience a renewal of spirit and greater confidence in reading and praying the scripture. It is available all through the year by arrangement at a date and time that suits you.

Some people have availed of this type of retreat to prepare for Christmas and Easter.

Please phone 9664101 for further details .



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