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Mary Quinn olc,Olive Flanagan rsm,
Mae McManus rsm, & Margaret O'Brien rsm.


Galilee Community is a sacred space, a place of prayer, reflection and sacred landscapes that draw the human spirit to find God present in all life experiences.

‘Galilee’ situated in the midst of lakes, woodlands and mountains commands a spectacular view of the picturesque countryside bordering Leitrim, Sligo and Roscommon. It provides an ideal setting for a short break or a more extended stay.

The Galilee community are happy to provide an opportunity for you to ‘chill out’ with a difference. – an hour, a half day, a few days – you decide.

The surrounding area provide ample opportunity for walking, hill walking, cycling, boating, fishing and sightseeing.

… and I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow… W B Yeats.

The Galilee Community is an initiative of the Sisters of Mercy, Western Province

0719664101 0858837226 galileecommunity@gmail.com www.galilee.ie


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